Ethical Trading Code

  • All workers should be working of their own free will.
  • There should be no involuntary prison labour, bonded labour or other forced labour of any kind.
  • No monetary deposits should be required or deducted from pay.
  • Original identity or similar documents should not be held by the employer.
  • All workers should be able to leave their jobs if they choose, without losing pay or benefits to which they are entitled, having given a reasonable notice period.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining should be respected

  • Workers should be allowed to join or form trade unions, or similar groups, in order to negotiate collectively with management on employment matters.
  • Trade union or other workers’ representatives should be treated fairly, without discrimination, and be allowed to

Working conditions should be safe and hygienic

Health and safety of employees should be actively managed, including control of risks arising from:

  • Machinery and tools
  • Production materials and chemicals
  • Fire
  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Temperature extremes
  • Buildings structure
  • Sanitary facilities

and should include the provision of adequate:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Machine guarding
  • Job training
  • Escape routes
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Ventilation
  • Safety notices and information
  • Safety training
  • First aid materials and qualified personnel
  • Accident and illness records and correct actions
  • Clean toilets, washing and changing facilities
  • Safe food storage
  • Drinking water
  • Clean, safe and private accommodation (where provided)